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Alomone Labs' 30th Anniversary:
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Explore Alomone Labs product portfolio with customized kits

Alomone Labs offers customized kits that enable you to buy the reagents that meet your specific research needs.
With Build Your Own Kit, the bigger the kit the bigger the discount!

Simply select three or more different products from our portfolio and get 15-50% off your entire order. All you need to do is apply the discount code ‘MYKIT’ during checkout!

Pharmacological reagents​
Growth factors
No. of items Discount (%)
1-2 none
3-4 15%
5-6 30%
7-8 40%
9 and more 50%

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  • All sizes qualify
  • Different sizes or multiples of the same product per order are not eligible for discount
  • Free samples are not included


A minimum of three different products are required for Build your Own Kit eligibility.
Alomone Labs reserves the right to alter or withdraw conditions to Build Your Own Kit platform.